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Aperture Accounting – Your Vision, Our Focus

Why do so many small-medium businesses fail to succeed?

Causes of company failure are varied, however, a 2011-12 report into corporate insolvencies by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission found:

• 44 per cent suffered poor strategic management

• 40 per cent fell victim to inadequate cash flow or high cash use

• 33 per cent went under because of trading losses

One could argue that the first point above most likely lead to points 2 & 3 – regardless of how you look at it, the overall theme for failure is lack of proper insight by the business.

Business owners, in general, are very good at the business of doing what they do best – for example, an electrician is very good at being an electrician, a café owner know how to make great coffee, an engineering shop know how to fabricate just about anything.

However, most business owners do know how to run their businesses and for good reason – most likely no one has ever shown them how to.

The good news is that business success is possible!

One of the best resources a business owner has is their accountant.

The problem though is that the business-accountant relationship tends to be very transactional.

The owner may see their accountant at best 4/year (for BAS) or maybe even just yearly (tax time).

It Should Be Different

As an accounting firm specialising in SMEs, we sincerely take business success as our number one priority – whatever the business vision is, we make that our focus.

Going to the doctor for regular check-ups can not only keep you in good shape, yet it may also help to prevent a more serious health development. For whatever reason though, in our industry it is not common or rather not done at all.

Similarly, there are myriad reasons why business owners don’t regularly sit with their accountant and nut through the numbers.

We believe that by properly analysing a business’s activity, we can help come up with ideas and initiatives to keep the business moving forward and growing.

Analysing Business Activity

Aperture Accounting works with small-medium businesses specifically in the areas of:

• Debt management

• Cash-flow analysis and management

• Data analysis – looking for trends and meaningful actions

By doing so, we can uncover any underlying issues that may lead to issues in the future – our focus is on prevention and staying one-step ahead.

The Aperture Accounting Difference

We are not just another accounting firm.

In starting out, we consulted with businesses to understand what exactly they wanted from their accountants.

Understanding this need allowed us to shape our business.

At Aperture Accounting:

  • Our objective is more than just compliance. Our aim is to educate, advise and help develop strategies that enable our clients grow their businesses.

  • We are innovative & progressive. Accounting is just one part of your business, through the use of specialised diagnostic tools, we also offer professional services in the areas of business planning, leadership development & business development.

  • You are the focus! We actively work with you to ensure you stay on top of your business but note it is not one-way traffic, we need you to get involved.

Contact Aperture Accounting today to see how we can help get your business on the path to success.

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